The Trend and Future of Custom Challenge Coins

People may think that purchasing custom challenge coins can be expensive if many are to be given, but because of all of the positives that comes out of it, people could think that these coins are worth more than what they actually cost. Also, to people who have the benefit of being able to indulge in their vanity of collecting or using some or all of these coins, they could believe that what they are doing is also beneficial, provided that it does not become a bad obsession.

custom challenge coinsIt is worth noting by the way that since all of the designs or variations of these custom challenge coins have not been exhausted, there is still much curiosity of what the next type of these coins will look like, what they will be made out of, what purposes may it be used for, in what occasions will they be given, to what person or achievement will they be given, and so on. Based from this, there is still much to be known about the future of these coins. There is still much research to be done on how these coins may be used for the better. There is still much to be done on how these coins could be used more efficiently. There is still hard work to be done in order for the coins to be cheaper without compromising its quality. And also, there is still much thinking to be done to make the coins more elegant, dramatic, beautiful, and artistic.

The current diversity of the coins is very much comparable to the diversity of things everywhere. Each coin differs from one another, usually by a very long margin. The designs of these custom challenge coins or vary very quickly. People produce and buy these coins for a reason, and even all of their reasons are not yet known or exposed. If ever there will be a study on why people produce of patronize these coins, there might be an enlightenment and the future of the production and usage of these coins will be brighter than their current state now. That being said, when buying coins such as these, persons should put aside the economic, financial, or pragmatic value of these coins and prioritize its symbolic value. The appreciation that people have with theses coins also differ. Some people may view these coins as unnecessary, while some people may view these coins with the same way they view their most prized asset.

Overall, these custom challenge coins have an interesting nature, so interesting that people continue to buy and need them. They are certainly not things that a person cannot live without in their lifetime, but surely they are things that can make people’s lives indirectly easier at some point. Satisfaction in having been given or having bought such a coin has not been measured yet, which may lead to a fascinating study. It happens very rarely that things with stories such as these coins go without being noticed. Whether people use these coins as heirlooms, decorations, prized possessions, collections, vanities, as toys, or even think of them as valuable, treasured, a waste, or junk, there will still be questions on the true value of these coins. What is certain as of the moment is that these coins continue to be a part of our life. These coins have existed for a long time for a purpose, and it has evolved for a long time for a purpose. Whatever that purpose may be, it is not established yet. But we, the users and producers of these coins, can put personal meaning and purpose to it, and that is probably the reason why we can now customize these custom challenge coins, and that these coins exist and will continue to exist.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Logo Lanyards

The holidays are indeed just around the corner! This is the perfect time to plan your corporate souvenir items for your loyal customers. With numerous items that you can choose from, why should you choose logo lanyards? Here are 8 reasons why.

1.They are highly customizable.

LanyardsThis makes them perfect tools to promote your business.You can put your company name, logo, and tagline on the lanyards anyway you want it. You have the freedom to design it as you wish. Also, unlike in small promotional items like pins or buttons, there is full guarantee in logo lanyards that the prints are large enough to be easily seen by all, clients and non-clients, alike. This makes it a great marketing tool. People would become familiar with your company name as they continually read and see it on other people.You could also add anything, for instance a one-liner holiday greeting to personalize your tokens. Your customers would surely value your expression of appreciation for their continued patronage.

2.These lanyards are functional.

The recipients of your company’s logo lanyards would appreciate the various uses that this item has. Primarily, it holds small but very important personal things like ID, rings of keys, flash drives, whistle, pens or other what-have-you. In addition, some attachments would permit carrying of larger and heavier objects such as cellphone, cameras and water bottles. Plus, they can also function as accessories. Beautifully designed and colorful lanyards would look great in plain black or white shirts and denims.

3.It is economical.

Understandably, though you want to give something of value to your clients but you also do not want to spend so much on this. Logo lanyards would suit your budget as you can have a price range of between $0.57 to $3.00, depending on the quantity, style and width of the lanyards. Most of the time, lanyard attachments, design making and revisions, plus shipping (within certain locations) come free.

4.Lanyards are sturdy.

It could be embarrassing to give something to loyal customers that breaks, rips, or gets damaged quite easily, isn’t it? With lanyards, you would not have this problem. Theycould last for years, even for decades.

5.Lanyards are eye catching.

You cannot miss to see something hanging on someone’s neck, right? With thousands of colors, five different styleand three sizesto choose from, you would not fail to come up with designs that are attractive to behold. Lanyards are definitely attention grabbers.

6.Ordering is hassle free.

With the busyness of the season, do not add stress to yourself. Stay at home, use your fingers and computer and order away. Everything can be done online, including the payment. After the ordering process is done, you could now relax and wait for two weeks for the delivery. It is so easy.

7.Unlike pins and buttons, they wont damage the clothes (lapels or collars) of your clients.

That’s why there is much possibility that your clients would wear them compared to other wearable souvenir items.

8.They can be recycled.

Even when the lanyards have done their parts throughout the years, people could still recycle them to function other than as lanyards.Sewing 2-3 lanyards together would make apet’s leash.Do you know that you can also convert them as bookmarks, camera or cloth bag straps, shoelaces or belts? Otherpeoplewho are sentimental, collect various lanyards that they receive throughout the years and display themat their homes or offices.

There are actually more than 8 reasons why you should choose this particular souvenir item. However, these eight are more than enough reasons why you can never go wrong with logo lanyards.

Interior and Exterior Design Options for a Movable Cubicle

Many individuals don’t consider a movable cubicle as a beneficial office replacement. It looks like a regular shipment container with corrugated surface. Bare portable offices may have an appealing structure, but interior and exterior designing will transform its looks. Various design options can be installed and placed in a portable container like the following:


MoveablecubicleProperty owners invest on decks because they look great while serving as good relaxation areas. Most containers have pre-installed staircases, but they don’t complete the look expected in an office. Connecting the staircase with a deck makes the space look like an actual facility instead of being a gigantic, heavy-duty box.

Decks can be installed using wood and aluminum materials. Property contractors can install decks around these containers and make them look as if they were installed there right from the start.


Offices using these mobile containers find it necessary to install ramps for accessibility. Ramps are recommended add-ons because an office may expect disabled clients requiring easy access to the facility. Ramps can be installed beside the small staircase that comes with the movable cubicle. Clients can also go with different options in installing accessibility ramps and sides where they should be installed.


A portable container may have a low staircase, but many clients may find it too rugged and against their dream office design. Fortunately, a buyer can choose elevated portable offices without staircases then have a service provider install them later on.

Staircases come in a wide array of options according to the number of steps, height and material used. Once installed, staircases will enhance the portable offices’ appeal.


Taking care of the exterior may require experts’ assistance for installation. For interior designing, adding furnishings can be as simple as purchasing and placing them inside the office. Common furnishings are seating options, freestanding shelves, tables, and other decorations.

The good thing about obtaining furnishings is that a movable cubicle provider may offer them for rent together with the container or the buyers can purchase them themselves. Furnishing rentals can be more convenient since the service provider place them inside upon delivering container.

Office Machines

Various office machines can also aid in improving a cubicle’s interior design. Machines include copying machines, fax machines, computers, paper shredders, file cabinets, workstations and conference tables. Just like other furnishings, these office machines and essentials can be placed easily inside the office.

Pantry Solutions

An office has its own pantry, which can be set up according to client’s requirements. A movable cubicle can have cupboards, shelves, mini fridges, faucets and sinks, microwave ovens, and others. Many of these pantry solutions are freestanding while cupboards and sinks, even the modular ones, entail expert installation procedures.

Restroom and Bathroom Solutions

Placing a restroom and shower rooms is also additional means of designing portable containers as offices. Containers come with provisions for water system installation, which means a plumber can simply install water pipes and lines. Apart from hiring a plumber, HVAC professionals’ assistance is necessary in installing water heaters.

Additional Roofing

Some portable office owners want to guarantee comfort for people visiting their sites, especially if they come for business or other needs. Many opt to install additional roofing, particularly on the decked areas. Clients can choose to have the extension roof together with the decks to ensure consistency in the design.

Improving the appeal of a movable cubicle is possible with these office enhancements. It can be done with installing various solutions with the help of experts or throwing in additional furnishings for decoration. Take note of how your dream portable office design to know the right furnishings to purchase and professionals to hire.

Characteristics Of A Great And Excellent Motivational Speaker

A lot of people would say that business is all about people: If you do not understand your people, then, you do not understand business at all. Nowadays, more and more companies are investing more on the public relations and communication skills of their employees. A lot of companies are providing different seminars and activities in order to enhance the capabilities of their employees.

One of the most popular ways to enhance the public relations and communication skills of a person is by inviting motivational speakers to facilitate a seminar or an inspirational talk. The demands for motivational speakers now are increasing. However, more and more companies would not want to hire the services of a normal motivation speaker. Instead, they would want to hire the services of an excellent motivational speaker who can motivate and inspire their employees towards their success.

A lot of motivational speakers would say that they are the best of the best. That is understandable, since they would want to be booked for more events. However, how can you tell if a motivational speaker is effective, if not extraordinary? Here is the list of the qualities that a motivational speaker should have.

MotivationFirst, a great motivation speaker must be prepared with his own set of presentations and materials for the inspirational talk. If the inspirational talk requires a PowerPoint presentation, then, the motivation speaker should do it personally rather than asking someone else to do it. Doing the PowerPoint presentation all by himself will guarantee that he will fully understand everything he will be talking about and will surely have no hard time presenting it to all of his audiences. If the motivational speaker knows the exact flow of the presentation, then, he will never fail in delivering the speech to all of his audiences.

Second, a motivational speaker must be able to connect with his audience. The motivational speaker should not appear stiff in front of the crowd. If he appears as if he is looking to a separate world, then, no matter how beautiful his presentation materials are, it will never be as effective to his audiences as he wants it to be. If a motivational speaker cannot connect to all of his audiences, he cannot motivate them at all. If he cannot motivate all of his audiences, he will not be able to fulfil his objective.

The third characteristic a great and excellent motivational speaker should have is to have an effective and convincing voice. Having an effective and convincing voice is one of the most important assets a motivational speaker should have. If the motivational speaker’s voice has an irritating tone for the audience, he will not be able to deliver a good speech. If the speaker does not have a convincing tone, no one will listen to him anymore. As a speaker who will lead the audience to their success, you should be able to show your public speaking skills to the crowd. Try and keep an eye contact to all of your audiences. Keep them absorbed in what you are saying.

The fourth characteristic an excellent motivational speaker should have is the experience. Experience is considered as the most unique characteristic; it differs from one person to another and acts as the motivational speaker’s own identity. An effective motivational talk involves sharing of stories; and the best stories to share are those which came from the speaker’s own experiences.

And lastly, the most important characteristic a motivational speaker should have is confidence. Motivation speakers are there to motivate their audience. If you want to motivate other people, then, you should be confident to say that you can help them to do it.

What You Have To Know About Employee Engagement Survey Providers

In the world of business, it is important for entrepreneurs and businessmen to understand one thing: that an organization is more than just a group of employees trying to earn money. It is important to know that an organization is also a collection of people who have emotions to deal with and ideas to share. Successful organizations are those that do not merely focus on the improvement of their products and services, and the satisfaction and volume of their clientele. They are the ones that pay equal attention their employees and ensure that the working environment is not merely a venue for earning, but also for reinforcing talents and skills.

To help realize these goals, organizations try to engage their employees as much and as often as possible. The most common method used in doing this is through the design and conduct of an employee engagement survey.

What is an employee engagement survey?

This is a survey that can be conducted separately in each work unit or in an organization-wide scale. Employee engagement surveys are often done annually, though there are those who opt to perform surveys on a more frequent basis.

employee engagement surveyThese surveys are designed to take a closer look into the thoughts and emotions of an organization’s employees. This is done mainly to assess and increase the level of employee engagement. The survey findings are then used to pinpoint areas that are doing well and areas that need to be improved upon to achieve higher employee satisfaction.

What are employee engagement survey providers?

To make the process easier, more accurate, and effective, organizations can avail of the services of employee engagement program providers. These are groups of professionals who specialize in determining the involvement level of employees as well as in helping an organization create and conduct employee engagement programs.

Many of these employee engagement providers are online-based. There are also some that provide software solutions that can be purchased or downloaded.

What services do they offer?

Most employee engagement providers start with the design of a proper employee engagement and satisfaction survey. There are some companies that already have a pre-made framework for their surveys, while there are others that start from scratch and design tailor-made questionnaires to best suit the client’s requirements and the type of organization being managed.

Aside from the most basic service of designing the survey, many providers also offer to implement the survey, which can be answered through their site or through a program installed into the employees’ computers.

After the implementation of the survey, the survey providers will also collect the results and analyze the data collected. They will interpret these findings and share them with the managers and executives of the company so that they can make an action plan based on the survey results. It is also often included in their service package to provide their feedback on the company’s strengths and weaknesses based on their employees’ opinions. Some would also give recommendations on which areas of improvement should be prioritized, and the possible action plans that should be undertaken to improve on these areas.

There are practically hundreds of employee engagement service providers out there, each of them offering a different package with different price tags. When choosing an employee engagement survey and service provider, it is always best to go for the ones that will offer to provide all the necessary solutions—from the survey design to the implementation, from analysis to translation of the results into a doable action plan. Take the time to research about your options so that you can be certain that when you hire an employee engagement survey provider, your investment will result in happier employees and greater profit for the company.

Lanyards 101: The History, Uses, and More!

Lanyards are among the usual items that almost every person has. It is typically seen worn by students or workers around their neck with ID’s or badges attached to them. Photographers are also among the top users of these cords and they use them to carry their cameras around. The shorter ones are commonly seen around the wrist and are used to ensure the security of phones, gadgets, and purses. These cords are principally made from nylon, flat polyester, and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Lanyards as Military Accessories- Now and Then

LanyardsLittle do people know that these cords have been in existence for centuries.  Long before these cords were used as ID holders, camera accessories, and safety straps, they had already been utilized in France way back in the 15th century. Then, these straps were referred to as “Lanière”. They were basically used to secure weapons such as pistols, blades, and swords, to the uniforms of guardsmen or soldiers. Whistles, which were mainly used for signaling, were likewise strapped onto the uniforms using these straps. Cords of good quality are easy to detach and attach to another item.  It was common then to see naval officers or soldiers in the field use these items for that very purpose.

At present, the cords are used by various military troops in the world. Cords bearing braid patterns and different color combinations can be seen in various military uniforms, commonly placed on the shoulders. This is to denote the regimental affiliation, ranks, or qualification of the person wearing it.  Braided cords can likewise be found in military caps. In Great Britain, these straps are also a part of the uniform, particularly of the Royal Artillery. These straps were also once used to hold keys primarily used to defuse any form of explosive shells. In many cases, these cords are also utilized by military officers and members in mission to make sure that sidearm do not fall.

Lanyards as Safety Straps

Working in huge industrial plants also exposes people to certain risks. For this particular reason, machine operators wear cords attached to ‘kill switches’. These straps are used to turn off ‘dead man’s switches’ of slicing/cutting machines.  If the operator falls or becomes incapacitated for whatever reason, their fall could consequently pull switches that will halt any machine.  The same principle applies to the use of vehicles such as trains and jet skis, and the use of exercise equipment like treadmills.

Linemen also make use of these cords to keep them safe and secure while at work.  These are specifically called linemen lanyards and are likewise commonly used by mountaineers.  These cords are particularly heavy as they are made from heavy duty nylon with several metal rings or locks attached to them.

Lanyards as School or Office Accessories

Students and office workers rarely use pins in attaching Identification cards. Using these cords, it is a lot easier to identify a school or a workplace as logos are usually printed on them. IDs and badges can also be worn at once using these straps. A typical ID strap usually has a clip and an ID sleeve ready to be used. IDs and badges are quite easy to find due their visually appealing designs. Colors, logos, and texts are now easily imprinted on each strap.  Moreover, keys can also be attached to them to avoid losing them. The use of key leashes, as compared to using typical key chains, is becoming more and more common.  Whether at home or school, in the office or the outdoors, one can always find a good use for these straps.

The Defendant’s Selection: How pick the best mortgage defense lawyer

If you’ve already made up your mind to fight tooth for tooth to keep your property intact, don’t forget to get to know the Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer that will handle your case. For whatever purpose you want your legal battle to go, be it for stalling the inevitable, or flipping the case to be favorable to your end, a trustworthy attorney can help you get your objectives quickly and with finality.

Long island foreclosure defense•    Find a suitable lawyer for your case – the internet can provide you with the quickest possible means to find an attorney who is fit to become your representative inside a trial court. Alternatively, if you have enough connections, spreading the word that you need a good lawyer may be a quicker way to find a trustworthy candidate to take the job as your attorney.

•    Know the background of the lawyer you will get – what you need is an attorney who knows the basic leeway the law can offer to you. You must also check how many cases like the one you are facing did this lawyer won and lost. Aside from this, gauge the attorney’s ability to extract the necessary information from their previous clients. That way, you will have a general idea how will this person do the job to he or she is assigned to do.

•    Set time to interview your prospective attorney professionally – you are more likely going to be talking things straightforward so don’t act as if the one you are about to face will give you words of comfort or a pat on the shoulder. Their job is to help you on the halls of justice, not to be your crying shoulder. Never get too personal with them else, complications may arise and your opponents may see this as an opportunity to pin you down to lose your case.

•    Show your papers, see how the lawyer reacts – preparing the documentation of the events that transpired from the beginning of your mortgage to the time when the dreaded bank seizure of your property comes knocking on your door. A good lawyer will take a good look at them and will ask relevant questions about the papers you are holding right there and there. Make sure that you never forgot to show anything to the Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer in front of you, because without seeing everything the person needs to look at, that person may never come up with the solution that you need.

•    Be careful not to get a ‘bogus’ attorney – there are a lot of top caliber lawyers around that can get you out of your situation methodically. However, be careful not to get tangled with a lawyer who only wants to get their pockets full of cash. When he or she is talking about a direct fee for services which supposedly can cover the litigation expenses from start to finish, the ‘lawyer’ you are talking to may not be a true practitioner of the field.

•    Peek into the solutions they will introduce to you – another way to measure the ability of a prospective Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer is the way he presents his take about your case. Good attorneys who can really help you to fight off the attempts of your creditor to take your property are going to offer immediate solution to the mess you are in. The will skip thinking about your problems and will do their best to formulate a way out of your predicament.

These tips can help you find that perfect lawyer for you. Remember that the battle ahead of you isn’t a war you can fight and win alone. The technical and professional help of these individuals can save your hard earned property from being taken away from you. You just need to look for the right Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to assist you in your undertaking.

A Look Back at Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are parts of an electronic device that make the path to complete an electronic circuit. But instead of the typical wires to connect each component, it has copper strips set in a pattern on a single board, and the components are all connected to it.

Printed circuit boardElectronic devices were already in use before circuit boards became a standard, but with the old method of connecting each component, it was what was called the “point-to-point construction.” This involved connecting the electronic components using wires and sockets. This will make the electronic device work, but not efficiently. Multiple breakdowns would occur and replacing the parts of the device, especially the wires and sockets that connect them, becomes necessary. The wires used back then as well had weak insulations and would wear down, exposing the metal cores and it can cause a short-circuit inside the device itself.

To have a clear picture of how a point-to-point construction might look like, it can be compared to how old electronic switchboards worked. Wires were open and exposed and switching back and forth would be done manually. With this, breakdowns and repairs are common and will eat up a lot of precious time.

Attempts of making a circuit board involved using materials like Masonite, or even just a thin piece of wood. The components would be riveted in place on one side of the board and then wires would be used on the other side, connecting each rivet together, which then completes the needed circuit.

Paul Eisler, who hailed from the United Kingdom, was able to develop a means of etching copper foil onto the surface of reinforced glass to create one of the earlier printed circuit boards back in 1943, but the idea only picked up more attention after World War II. The US Military also used this during the war.

In 1947, the first double-sided circuit boards were invented. These had plated through holes for the components that will be attached to them. The holes made it easier for the needed components to be installed onto the board. Surface Mount Technology was then introduced during the 1980’s. This was a new way of mounting electronic components onto a circuit board where the component would be “stamped” onto the board. Soldering the component would not be necessary after this.

For the circuits to be completed earlier circuit boards would have the copper patterns placed under the boards and they would be connected to the components through either riveting or soldering. Nowadays, circuit boards would be multilayered. This involves having more than one copper pattern onto just one board. Soldering or “stamping” the components is still used to connect them to the circuit board.

Further development of printed circuit boards throughout the years has enabled us to create smaller boards and smaller components while at the same time keeping the efficiency of the devices but at a smaller production cost. This is what made computers shrink down from those that occupy a large room to a powerful one that only rests on top of a desk. Computers would be very bulky and slow if such components were still connected together through a point-to-point construction and the efficiency of such a device would not even be as good as how computers perform now.

Nowadays, printed circuit boards have been further improved. Computers can now even rest on top of someone’s lap and the cellular phones have become smarter than before and can do more than just make and receive calls. Television sets also use the newer circuit boards to do more than just show what’s on air.