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Welcome Everyone! Geek Girl is a writer and best selling author who loves technology. If you would like assistance with becoming a published Amazon author yourself, check out the Hire Geek Girl page. While you are there you can check out the other services we offer.   Geek Girl…   

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Blog Changes For Geek Girl USA

Blog Changes For Geek Girl USA The changes we have been discussing for some time now are finally taking place. All of the Geek Girl USA blog posts are now part of the Grandmother Diaries blog. The Geek Girl USA blog address will have a redirect placed on it to take you to Grandmother Diaries. [...]

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Ready For Some Motivation?

Ready For Some Motivation? Start your week by taking a different perspective on those ‘challenges’ you are facing. That’s my plan… Don’t forget to follow Geek Girl on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to updates by email

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Is Your Phone Celebrating July 4 With You?

Is Your Phone Celebrating July 4 With You? If so, make sure it dresses for the occasion. Yes. We are talking wallpaper here. Your phone can join in the fun with free patriotic wallpaper. There are a number of free apps to choose from. Whether you have an iPhone or you have an Android you [...]

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Podcast: Letters From Grandma

Podcast: Letters From Grandma I had the great privilege of being interviewed on JenningsWire for my book ‘Letters From Grandma: Before You Were Born‘. If you have not already done so, please take the time to visit and share the podcast. Cheryl Therrien is a bestselling author, blogger & trainer who is on a mission [...]

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10 Steps To A Great Email Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

10 Steps To A Great Email Marketing Campaign [Infographic] Email marketing campaigns are an important part of any marketing strategy. Email campaigns help build and nurture relationships with customers, assist in gathering important data, and help boost the overall ROI of campaigns they support. This infographic details 10 critical areas  to consider when setting up [...]

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Author Interview: Jeri Walker-Bickett

Author Interview: Jeri Walker-Bickett Today it gives me great pleasure to present Jeri Walker-Bickett. Jeri is the author of two published books, a good friend, and an award winning blogger from What Do I Know? Allow me a moment to express my great appreciation for Jeri and all that she does. Thank you Jeri! My [...]

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