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Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord Barry Yanowitz / Art Photos / CC BY-NC We finally did it. We cut the cable cord. When we moved we did not order cable TV. Even with the packages they offered we could see a huge savings if we just ordered phone & Internet services. We still have land lines for business [...]

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Our Four-Legged Family Members

Cloe. That’s the name of the lone cat in a house full of dogs. They are all rescue animals. Here is the story of how our family came to be. We started with one Welsh Terrier. Her new owners were not ready for her when she was ready for them so she needed a home. [...]

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Daily Routines

How many of us function by routine? From getting out of bed in the morning to brushing our teeth and having that first cup of caffeine, we all have a routine of sorts. So what happens if your routine is disrupted? The alarm clock does not sound off as planned and you get up late. [...]

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Amazon Free App Today

    Grill-It If you like grilling outside, then you might want to check out this app. Normally $0.99 this app gives you lots of recipes and updates automatically every time you start the app. Browse by category, search by keyword or ingredients. Save your favorites. Beautiful color photos. If you are even slightly interested, [...]

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All Things Lifehacker

If you have never visited Lifehacker before now, you really should. It is a great site for a multitude of cool ideas. Whether you are looking for a cooking tip, a travel tip, a tech tip, or a repurposing tip you will likely find something on Lifehacker. Today we are paying tribute to Lifehacker by [...]

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Geek Girl Featured Guest on Finding Our Way Now

  My good friend Susan Cooper over at Finding Our Way Now asked me to Guest Post for her on July 3rd. I was more than thrilled to accept her invitation. Head on over and you will see that Geek Girl does not just talk about techie stuff. After you finish reading my post you [...]

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