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Website & Blog Visibility: Chatwing

Website & Blog Visibility: Chatwing When it comes to online visibility, many websites and blogs are undergoing tough competition. In a single niche alone there are thousands of active and inactive blogs. You can imagine the Internet as a large pie where everyone can get a piece…or not at all. If you have a website [...]

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Social Media Infographic Via Copyblogger

Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. So what do you think? This is not all-inclusive but it does give us an idea of the historical timeline.  Don’t forget to follow Geek Girl on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to Geek Girl USA by Email

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Technology Impacts Daily Life

Technology impacts our daily lives whether or not we are consciously aware of it. Medical Advancements – Do you remember years ago when having surgery of any kind was a major operation requiring a hospital stay? It usually meant that you were left with a huge scar for life. Many surgeries are now done as [...]

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Welcome to Geek Girl USA!

Welcome Everyone! Geek Girl is a writer and best selling author who loves technology. If you would like assistance with becoming a published Amazon author yourself, check out the Hire Geek Girl page. While you are there you can check out the other services we offer.   Geek Girl…   

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Bottlenose: the Social Media Manager

I was invited to be a Beta 3 tester for Bottlenose. Maybe that means my work will be easier since this is the third round of user testing. My preference is to be in round 1 of beta testing, but hey… Bottlenose is a social media manager. It is supposed to help you manage the [...]

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